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Thinking about absolutely immersive reality, where gravity does not exist – take a look at this video. I think it made with UnrealEngine – not entirely sure, correct…

Top 5 Tech-Giant Construction Projects

Like microchips fused onto the surface of the earth, the Tesla Gigafactory is a beautiful thing. http://www.theb1m.com/video/top-5-tech-giant-construction-projects

How do you cool a Data Center

Extreme measures taken to extreme environments to cool data centers http://www.theb1m.com/video/how-do-you-cool-a-data-center?utm_content=buffera4a4a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin.com&utm_campaign=buffer

9 Interesting Ways to Watch Cyberattack in Real-time Worldwide

9 Interesting Ways to Watch Cyberattack in Real-time Worldwide


MindDraw enables people to create beautiful real-time brain based images. By accessing their mental states of relaxation, meditation, focus or just by thinking, the participants drive the shape…

Terraforming Mars

Terraforming – such implications of technology at such a scale is fascinating. Seems difficult. But imagine the broadened scope of the architectural world after Mars (or even Venus)…


新しいElectronic Generation 66601:33  —> N.3 on the playlist 😉 https://quadratox.bandcamp.com/album/–6