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Thinking about absolutely immersive reality, where gravity does not exist – take a look at this video. I think it made with UnrealEngine – not entirely sure, correct…

Food Hackers

This guy has developed an internal network of all food recipes. Using the data collected, the computer generates combinations of ingredients that theoretically should work well together.

Otherworldliness/Manyworldliness/Virtual Real

We are simulations living in a virtual realm. I don’t know if I buy it myself, but maybe The Matrix is real? AI within AI within AI

In The Robot Skies: London Film Festival

Teaser: Premiers on 8th October. First film done entirely from autonomous drones. Sick.

Can we build AI safely?

  If I was to compile a group of people to go to Mars, Sam would be one of them. I have been following his work for the…

DJi Mavic Pro

If you haven’t heard of Casey Neistat yet GET WITH IT! Casey is a top YouTubber but he’s been making videos for ages… as in, back when VHS…

CLICK HERE TO : “Meet the dazzling flying machines of the future”

Autonomous systems expert Raffaello D’Andrea is a wizard! I remember watching his TED talk, on a much smaller stage and with netting around the audience, back in 2013…