This project its inspired by the virtual space of a global data network. Networks are used as a way to link and navigate people, computers and various information sources in the world. Networks are not just a scientific metaphor used for organisation and taxonomy. It is also used as a new driving tool of art movement, influenced by science which is becoming a cultural imitation. This project aims to explore the relationship between virtual and real space, consciousness and reality. Our reality is defined by our experiences and it’s created by numbers and digital codes. This project investigates on immersive visual experience that’s embodied both in physical and digital spaces.

The project’s intention is to make an invisible architecture into a visible environment.

What is the architecture for?

  • Become aware and understand of our surroundings by making visible what was so far hidden and unseen.
  • Inviting visitors to interact into the fascinating world of science through interactive immersion. The virtual space aims to create an intelligent data environment where various forms of information can be expressed in a dynamic representation and enhance the perception of the physical space
  • A visual model to map complex and extraordinary typologies.


This data in the form of radio waves will be detected collected and decode the signals into visual patterns and movements. Radio waves are everywhere; they are carries of information. We are unaware of their presence, we can not see them with our eyes or hear them with our ears. However we are bathed with radio waves every day.

The main characteristic of this visual installation would be the result of interference patterns, waves amplifying and cancelling each other out in space, leaving complex traces of light and darkness. I am interested on the architecture rather than the image composition. My main objective is to play with the perception of the space,  enabling the audience to drew in the virtual universe abstract enough to allow daydreaming, free interpretation and become part of it.