“Goddess of Rainbow” produces the quality of phenomenon/atmosphere created by the building design, which will be associated with rainbows and rainbow-type colour reflections throughout the building.

Sunlight is the best energy source ever. The power is invisible but when we expose ourselves to sunlight to comfort ourselves we feel the energy course through our bodies and souls. Imagine this invisible power becoming visible that is a rainbow. It made me think how this interesting and delicate ephemeral opportunity can brighten our daily life.

The theme will be delivered by Ibiza’s goddess of Moon, “Tanit” who is currently in the hidden cave in South East of Ibiza, Spain. I would like to breathe new life into her as the “Goddess of Rainbow” to create a rainbow shower for the sake of the people who need her help and for the sake of herself, who would like to see her partner god of Sun, “Baal” under the sky.

Through my project, I aim for its power to enhance social value, not only creating pleasant environments within and around the building but also helping the water problem in agriculture in Ibiza and delivering the viewer’s experience integrated into the art, physics and landscape architecture.

Conceptual collage: Different atmosphere in the morning and at night

Conceptual Model: Organic growth in architectural form

She can finally face the Sun and enjoys a conversation with her partner “Baal”, god of the Sun






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