I am interested in the sub-culture of online communities and finding a way to physically manifest their achievements in the real world. I want to celebrate the work in which these communities produce solely in the virtual realm; by means of celebrating and curating elements of the online sub-cultures in the form of relics.

ESports is a vastly growing online culture and one that is stigmatised and repelled from the mainstream media. I want to take the events and pinnacles of competitive gaming and archive them in a museum which manifests in a hybrid of virtual and physical spaces within the landscape of Ibiza.

The museum will also feature a live arena for competitive gaming, a hub where history can be made and teams can make its mark on the island.

My aim is to create an semi-invisible program on the island to improve the highly fluctuated tourist influxes and create a gateway to which online communities can physically represent themselves in the real world.

Link to my Blog: http://edleezone5.tumblr.com/