If you are looking for a place where you could absolutely dive in the virtual world where time stops. If you aim is to escape from reality and immerse in the world of constant entertainment – Escape Reality Simulator is the right place for you. Earn points (ca$h/bitcoins) simply by uploading life videos, photos or by playing games with your friends online. The more points you have – the longer you can stay in the ‘game’…sorry reality simulator.

Reach multiple levels and get better at the game of life – the only difference here is that you can actually earn in return for your ‘procrastination’ and stay here forever.

I’m still working on the appearance of the place but so far there are several concepts for the structure:

  • it should be in constant flux; multiple bridges/platforms which link you from one level to another in a seamless way; walls would emerge and disappear in order to form different spaces
  • media facades, projecting your social media feed as well as your followers’
  • customise your own reality – chose the channels to watch and people to follow and immerse in the virtual reality of games you play to upgrade your status

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user4988371

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