I’m fascinated with the future of humanity as a civilisation and often get absorbed with contemplations and predictions about where our technological advancements might soon take us.

You could say that 2016 was a bit of a Mars sensation year, with countless speculations on whether humans should go to Mars, just set up a scientific base  there or colonise it with the intention to terraform the planet.

It now seems inevitable, that whether we stay for good or just visit for scientific research purposes Mars will become a regular topic and certainly a permanent resource for humanity in the not so distant future.

My project explores the possibilities humanity would unlock with access to two planets and not just one. I investigate a possible infrastructure between Earth and The Red Planet, the concept of Earth-Mars rendezvous and the reality of a settlement on the surface of Mars.

The technologies involved, possible ‘government’ structures, the idea of currency, communication systems and a re-invented society etc… are all important aspects of this endeavour.


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