Ever wondered what a map of YouTube would look like?

I’ve been following Bernhard Rieder for ahwile now. He’s just such a beast with the tools he gives out online to visualise large intangible ecosystems like social media (and of course all of the internet). His write up below on YouTube Data Tools was really insightful.

This image was generated by Gephi and it is a streamlined version of what Youtube is. It’s clustering is nothing short of fascinating. We used to be able to do this similarly on instagram hashtags, but it works no longer =( If you’re interested to see the maps we generated of Portugal see here.

Since a number of channels do not make their view count available, node size and color encode the number of subscribers. I’ve deleted the labels for channels with fewer than 100k subscribers for better readability and used OpenOrd for spatialization. The network is strongly clustered, in particular around practices (gaming, fashion & makeup, etc.), languages, and corporate affiliations (e.g. the Vevo and Disney empires). I wasn’t entirely aware just how many people like to watch other people play games. YouTube is obviously much bigger than this, but the map should show a sizeable portion of the upper echelons of the YouTube hierarchy.

Introducing the YouTube Data Tools


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  1. ivona georgieva

    Very cool, I might try it 🙂

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