MindDraw enables people to create beautiful real-time brain based images. By accessing their mental states of relaxation, meditation, focus or just by thinking, the participants drive the shape and speed of installation imagery.

Through the usage of an EEG (Electroencephalography –  electrophysiological  monitoring method to record electrical activity of the brain) data sensor brain waves are converted into stunning constantly fluxing images and sound. To engage the work, the participant sits near the projection and simply dons the brainwave sensor headset.

With the headset in place MindDraw enables the user to look into their own mind and see their internal world reflected in dynamic externalised patterns.

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  1. it’s exactly like an EEG but in 3D.

    being in 3D motion though…i guess it makes sense to instill a certain kind of fluidity but really the ‘epileptic spikes’ you see on a normal EEG is alot nicer looking.

    i wonder if the motions and form can be controlled? now that would be so beast! (but i guess they would have to use something else other than an electrophys monitoring method)

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